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We thank the Amvets Post 4 in Massena,NY  for their generous donation

to help our organization to bring awareness to BPE - Burn Pit Exposure .

Special thanks to Commander Fred Cockayne, First Vice Lee Fregoe, Second Vice Tim Mattice,

Third Vice Ron Marshall, Finance Officer Jim Gardner, Provost Marshall Mel Phelix,

Adjutant Michael Villeneuve, and Chaplain Al Ashley.

Thanks going out to all the others at Post 4 who made this day very special! 

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Burn Pit Exposure it’s real, it’s here...

We met Wesley briefly in September, he is a true American Hero

Rest easy we all are going to continue the fight for BPE…




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Our 2021 initiative is to bring awareness to the life threatening effects that our military service member's are battling due to exposures to toxins from "Burn Pit Exposure" while serving in war. 



The Jacob Brown Story

 Jacob enlisted in the Army in 2006, he was deployed to Iraq from 2007-2008, and honorably discharged by December 2010. During deployment Jacob was in a guard tower where their burn pit was no more than 40 feet away from FOB Hammer. Since his return he suffers from ailments including double vision, gait impairment, speech dysarthria, breathing problems, enlarged liver, migraines, and shrinking of the cerebellum. 

Jacob has only been deemed a 70% disability rating by the VA, although he has not been able to care for himself or his family for over 4 years.

Jacob's story is just one of hundreds of thousand of veterans suffering from "Burn Pit Exposure".

Americans Supporting Armed Services "Burn Pit Exposure Fund" has been created to raise awareness and be a voice to the ongoing struggles and loss of lives due to war time service. 100% of monies donated will be allocated to service members and their families directly affected by burn pit exposure.


 ''The View from Inside'' is a pictorial  journey of the detailed work that our military performed and a documented effort to instill freedom and diplomacy in a war-raged country during Operation Iraqi Freedom. The images displayed in this book are a history making collection of photos never compiled before.

This vast collection comes to us through the eyes and camera lenses of those who served.

Click on the above photo

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100% of the proceeds go directly to veterans in need.