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Special Announcement.....

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We are proud to announce the release of our war memorial book 
Reflections of War

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Reflections of War is a celebration of life. This memorial book is dedicated to those individuals who served and those who gave their lives during Operation Iraqi Freedom. It Symbolizes gratitude, respect, and unending appreciation to all those who have been active in the war on terrorism. This book contains photos taken by our gallant men and women while deployed in Iraq. Viewing this group of brave and heroic individuals allows us to "see the war through their eyes" and celebrate the individuals that fought for us. This tangible memorial will enable family and friends to grieve and reflect in the privacy of their homes.

Click on the above photo to order your copy today! 100% of the proceeds go directly to veterans in need.

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Jacob Brown's Story

 Jacob enlisted in the Army in 2006, he was deployed to Iraq from 2007-2008, and honorably discharged by December 2010.

During deployment Jacob was in a guard tower where their burn pit was no more than 40 feet away from FOB Hammer.

Since his return he suffers from ailments including double vision,

gait impairment, speech dysarthria, breathing problems, enlarged liver, migraines, and shrinking of the cerebellum. 

Jacob's story is just one of hundreds of thousands of veterans

suffering from "Burn Pit Exposure".

We had the pleasure of hosting Jacob & his family this summer

so they could attend our event on July 9,2022

and share their story.

We will continue to advocate for Jacob & all our veterans

to get the care they need and deserve.

 ''The View from Inside'' is a pictorial  journey of the detailed work that our military performed and a documented effort to instill freedom and diplomacy in a war-raged country during Operation Iraqi Freedom. The images displayed in this book are a history making collection of photos never compiled before.
This vast collection comes to us through the eyes and camera lenses of those who served.

Click on the above photo
to order your copy today! 
100% of the proceeds go directly to veterans in need.

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